How your donation to The Tibetan Photo Project helps


How your donation to The Tibetan Photo Project helps

The Tibetan Photo Project is creating a voice from the photography and films of Tibetans living in exile. While it is not a non profit, it does not create any profit for us and we have funded the project with our own money, donations, fees from lectures, exhibits and film screenings.

Donations of cameras have gone to several individual Tibetans and their photos have helped tell their story in print press, and through radio and television interviews. See a partial list of media coverage at

Inspired by traveling exhibits, many people have told us they have signed up to support a monk or nun living in exile in India. In 2005, as part of The Tibetan Photo Project exhibit sponsored by Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana the college booked both the sand Mandela and cultural presentation for a fee of $10,000 for the monks of Drepung. You can find a link for both sponsorship and presentations by the monks of Drepung at

Profits from lecture fees and film showings have gone to support the costs of maintain and expanding the project as well as to meet the needs of individual Tibetans living in exile.

Personal donations to the project have been used to meet the needs of individual Tibetans and will now go towards the goal of establishing The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Center in India.

Once established, the education center will be entirely owned, managed and operated by Tibetans.

We currently offer films produced by The Tibetan Photo Project, Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga to Tibetan support groups for their fundraising efforts.

If you feel you can offer any support, sponsor a screening, help find a venue for the exhibits or have any other ideas or contacts, please email us at

The Tibetan Photo Project
PO Box 9000-517
Carlsbad , CA 92009

Tell your friends and consider a donation to help build The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Center

Please Visit the Tibetan Photo Project at

Currently, we can not offer any tax deductions, as we are not a non profit organization. We hope, to become a non profit organization very soon.

For a $10 donation, recieve a copy of the new DVD from The Tibetan Photo Project, "Visually and Respectfully Yours - The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project."

For a $25 donation, recieve a DVD copy of both "Visually and Respectfully Yours" and "Voices in Exile."

or checks can be sent to:
The Tibetan Photo Project
PO Box 9000-517 Carlsbad, CA 92009



All images are Copyright 2000-2011, Joe Mickey, Sazzy Varga and the Tibetan Photo Project and may not be published without permission. While you may print the material on this site for easy reading or sharing with friends. For feature articles, publication or public use of any of the material or images contained on this site please contact Joe Mickey via e-mail at and please reference your e-mail to the Tibetan Photo Project. Thank You.

* *We have receintly incorporated and are filing for Non Profit Status as: Camera's for Culture Inc. The Tibetan Photo Project will operate under this umbrella. We will let you know as soon as donations are tax deductible. **


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